He or She? Open to See!

March 7, 2016


So, let's talk about something fairly new in the cake decorating world: Gender Reveal Cakes!

  I started cake decorating in 2008 and it wasn't until maybe 2012 or so that I began to have customers ask me about "gender reveal cakes." Now, at first, I had no idea what they were talking about. I had only ever been to  handful of baby showers, and I had certainly never been to a gender reveal party. A gender reveal cake is a cake that is filled with either blue or pink icing on th inside, but the outside is decorated with both shades or just a general "What will it be" type theme. Then, when the party is really swinging, the expectant parents cut into the cake, revealing to everyone if they will have a baby boy or girl. 

    At first, I didn't really get the appeal of the whole event, but now I'm beginning to understand it. What a fun and delicious way to get friends and family involved while also maintaining your own personal suspense! You just have to be sure that you will be happy no matter what the outcome, otherwise things could get a bit awkward....



    If you have decided that you want to get you very own gender reveal cake, then you'll have to provide your cake decorator with either a note from your doctor, or the ultrasound in a sealed envelope. DON'T PEEK! If you peek, you'll ruin the surprise! Then, just instruct them to fill the cake with either pink or blue buttercream to correspond with the gender. Fast forward to the party, slice that thing open and voila! You'll know what your little baby will be.

    I will say, it's a bit strange to be the decorator who knows what someone's baby will be, even before they do! Imagine, a complete stranger holds this precious information about your little one. Luckily, in my experience, cake decorators are lovely, upstanding people. The kind of people you can trust with sensitive, secret information. 

    I'm excited to be making my first gender reveal cake in my new shop. I've made a few before, but never here at the Frosted Fox Cake Shop. I'm excited to be a tiny part of this wonderful moment!




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