Not a cake person? Try a decorated cookie!

April 27, 2016


    As you may know, the Frosted Fox is a Cake Shop. That means that our specialty is really making beautiful, sometimes ornate, celebration and wedding cakes. Decorating cakes is really my favorite thing to do in a bakery, and I think it is a really strong suit of mine. However when we opened, I never anticipated just how popular our decorated iced cookies would be! 








    At my previous bakery job, we would occasionally get orders for iced cookies, but they weren't very common. That means I really didn't make them very often, and when I did, they felt like more of a hassle than anything else. At our new shop, however, we have received quite a few orders for iced cookies, which has given me ample time to practice and try to improve my icing skills. While there are definitely overlapping skills between decorating cakes and cookies, the timing of decorating can be very different and the process of working with royal icing is very different from working with buttercream or fondant.

    The cookies themselves are our vanilla shortbread, which rolls out beautiful, retains it shape well, and has a great shelf life. It also goes without saying that they are completely delicious and they practically melt in your mouth from all the buttery goodness. I've received many compliments on how delicious our iced cookies are!

          We make our royal icing by combining pasteurized egg whites and confectioner's sugar, then we color it to match our needs. The key to icing with this icing is achieving the perfect consistency where the icing flows and levels itself out, but it doesn't ooze all off the cookie and all over the table. Depending on what kind of affect you want to achieve, sometimes you need to work very fast to add detail before the previous layer sets up, or you may want to let the previous layer harden completely before going on to the next step. I certainly wouldn't consider myself a master cookie decorator, but I am really enjoying the chance to improve my skills. 



So far, since opening, we have made cookies for baby showers, bridal showers, Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, Groundhog Day, New Year's Eve, Birthdays, Valentine's day, Galentine's day, office gifts and party favors. We even made 600 "Tiger" cookies for my old high school. That was a real challenge, and I must admit that by the end of it, my back, legs and wrists were very sore! Decorating cookies can be a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging and time consuming. As with most things, I find it helps to work with an "assembly line" kind of process.  The cookies were so popular, that we started making little fox faces to try to keep in the store most of the time for our walk-in customers. Next time you are thinking of using cookies as part of your event, consider ordering them from the Frosted Fox Cake Shop. They will be both delicious and beautiful! Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with our latest work and information!

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