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Businesses We Love

We love these wonderful businesses and we hope you will support them too!

John & Kira's Chocolates

We know these delicious chocolates inside and out! In fact, before opening this shop, Jennifer worked as a chocolatier at John and Kira's. Not only are they a local company, but they live in Mt. Airy! 

Harrington Design Studio

Do you like our wooden cookie trays and our cross cut cakestands? Have you had your eye on the wooden ornaments we were carrying during the holidays? Well, then you should be sure to look at Harrington Design Studio, owned by our good friend Jesse Harrington. He is a wonderful sculptor and woodworker based out of the Phoenixville area. 

Ennis Nehez

We get so many compliments on the way our shop looks and Ennis Nehez are the masterminds behind the look of our shop. They are located just minutes away in an incredible repurposed church in East Falls. I would absolutely recommend them for any project, personal or business! 

Morris Arboretum

The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania is a peaceful moment in a semi-urban setting. This popular wedding venue is also a great place to spend the day with family and friends while enjoying the beautiful outdoors, cool art installations and wonderful events.

Awbury Arboretum

The Awbury Arboretum is a real Germantown gem. Not only is it a beautiful space with lots of great events, but it is a beautiful and historic wedding venue. If you are looking for somewhere local to host your wedding, please check them out!

Zodi's Hair Design

The guys at Zodi'sHair Design are awesome. They are a Mt. Airy/Germantown mainstay and with a really classic barbarshop feel. If you are looking to get your hair trimmed up before the weekend, these are the guys to go to!

Thelma Walker's Beauty Shop

I can not say enough kind words about Linda, the owner, of this salon. She is a business woman who truly cares about her clients. She has treated them to cookies, picked them up to appointments and you can tell that they just love her. Thelma Walker's is a truly classic beauty shop.

Vivid Hair Salon

This beautiful salon is our next door neighbor. It is the perfect place for a pampering. The employees are wonderful and they do great work.

Revelations Video

This husband and wife team specializes in making wonderful wedding videos. I wish we had filmed out wedding, because frankly, I have no memory of what I actually said during the ceremony! Also, I know quite a few people who would love to re-watch our father-daughter dance. Please tell them we sent you!

Alexa Nahas

Alexa is a wonderful local photographer that we have had the pleasure of working with at various events in our area. She specializes in weddings, family shoots, maternity, and pet photos. We love it when she stops in to pick up her favorite lemon bars!

High Point Cafe

You may already know this popular local coffee shop, but did you know they roast their own coffee in their new wholesale facility just a few blocks away? We brew their delicious "Earth Blend" coffee. 

Ella Vanilla

Ella Vanilla is a brand new cake decorting supply shop in Chestnut Hill.  They also teach decorating classes and have wonderful cake decorating kits. Be sure to stop in and meet Olive the Frenchie, the shops resident mascot.

Heather Fowler Photography

Heather Fowler is a brilliant photographer that we used when we were married 6 years ago!  Not only does she do amazing wedding photography, but she also takes wonderful pregnancy, baby and pet portraits. (Our dog, Samson, was the big star of our engagement photos).

HLS Photography

HLS Photography is a great company that we used document our grand opening party. Many of the beautiful photos on our website are thanks to HLS Photography. They do wonderful photo shoots for all occasions.

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