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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we’ve received in the past that you may find helpful. To find your question faster, click on one of these three options to be taken to the corresponding category:
General Questions

We have a lot of dietary restrictions in our family. Can you work with us?

It depends on the restrictions. When it comes to allergies, we don't want to play around. Our facility uses nuts, peanuts, soy, dairy, gluten and eggs, so please use caution if you have an allergy to one of these products. Sometimes people select a traditional cake for the majority of the guests and select a few small items to accommodate the family member with dietary restrictions.

Are you a Gluten-free bakery? Do you have Gluten-free cakes and goodies?

Unfortunately we are not a gluten free facility and are not able to accommodate gluten-free cakes or orders. 

Do you have vegan options?

We carry several smaller treats made by Crust Vegan bakery, but are not able to make larger vegan items. If you are looking for vegan cakes, cupcakes, pastries, or a wider range of options we highly recommend reaching out to Crust directly.

What is the difference between Vanilla Buttercream, Frosting, and Fondant?

Vanilla Buttercream is a traditional, meringue based icing. It is made with lots of real buttercream and is quite strong. This makes it a great option for tiered cakes. It is less sweet than many other styles of icing, and tastes best at room temperature when the butter in the icing has lots of time to soften.

Vanilla Frosting is a new additional to our menu and also has lots of butter, but it is much sweeter than our traditional buttercream icing. It is not as strong, so it can only be used on the outside of single tiered cakes or as a filling.

Fondant is a sugar dough which gives cakes a super smooth appearance. It is rolled out to be a thin layer and then smoothed over a foundation of our buttercream. 


Did you make all the cakes and treats in your photo albums?

Yes! Every photo on our website is of a cake that we decorated.


Do I have to pick one of the cakes from your photo albums?

Nope! We love doing new designs and we are happy to work with you. You are not limited by what you see on our website. Many clients bring in pictures, sketches, invitations and anything else they think will help them to design their cake with the pastry chef. We can also alter elements of a design to fit with your aesthetic.

General Questons
Wedding Cake Questions

How much do your wedding cakes cost?
Our wedding cakes typically range from $8 to $12 per slice depending on complexity of the design, icing style and the delivery distance. We will provide you with a custom price quote at the end of your tasting appointment.


How do you do your cake tastings?

We are continuing to offer "to-go" tasting boxes that can be pre-ordered and picked up from our shop with 24 hours notice. After you have had a chance to try everything, we are happy to schedule a zoom or phone design appointment during which we will hone in on all the specifics of the design with you. By the end we are able to provide you with a price quote for your exact design.

Do you have a minimum guest count for wedding cakes?

While we do not keep a minimum for wedding cakes, some of our petite wedding cakes may need to be picked up from our shop in advance during busy times of year if the delivery schedule is full. We would be happy to discuss all delivery and pickup options with you.

When should I book my tasting appointment?

You are welcome to make an appointment with us as soon as you have your wedding date confirmed and a venue selected. Some venues have specific limitations on who can provide the cake so we want to make sure your venue allows outside vendors. Most people will come in and book their cake between three to six months before their wedding. We are a small shop so weekends can book up quickly, but we will always do what we can to accommodate couples. If you aren't sure if you have enough time, contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

How do I schedule my tasting appointment?

Please call us at the shop at 267-900-5453 and we can help schedule your appointment. We do not take appointments through email.

Does it cost money to have a tasting appointment?

We charge $20 for our "to-go" tasting boxes.


How do I book and pay for my wedding cake?

To book your cake, we ask you to make a deposit of half of the total cost. This can be done by credit card, cash or personal check. The remaining balance will be due two weeks prior to the wedding (this includes any final changes to the guest count, flavors or design). Any payments by check must be received two weeks prior to the wedding. We will also have you sign our wedding cake contract when you book your cake with us.


Do I have to book my cake the same day as my appointment?

You don't have to book your cake the same day we talk about design, but you certainly can!


Do you deliver wedding cakes?

We are happy to deliver wedding cakes within 60 minutes of our shop. The delivery fee is based on the estimated travel time. Depending on your selection, there may be an additional set-up fee (i.e. if we are setting up a full display of cupcakes and small treats etc.). We will go over all these details with you at the tasting.

What's your cake cancellation policy?

You can cancel your wedding cake up to two weeks prior to your wedding day. Your deposit, minus a $20 processing charge, will be refunded. Unfortunately, when we get to within two weeks of the wedding, we've already started making preparations and getting supplies in for your wedding and we cannot refund the deposit. We can also postpone the order and make your cake for you at a later date.

Wedding Cake Questions
Specialty Cake Questions

How much do your specialty cakes cost?

Our specialty cakes typically range from $5 to $10 per slice for tiered cakes and $10 to $15 for sculpted cakes depending on complexity of design and icing style. We will provide you with a custom price quote at the end of your visit.


When should I order my cake?

UPDATE: As of summer 2021, we will require at least two weeks' notice for most of our specialty cakes. We are a small shop, and we want to make sure each order we take receives the time and care they deserve. Unfortunately, this means that we must reserve the right to decline orders if a date gets booked up with cakes. We recommend placing your order as early as you can so we can be sure to confirm your cake. On occasion we may be able to fulfill orders with less than two weeks' notice depending on the production schedule of the date in question. 


Do I need to make an appointment to order my specialty cake?

No. Just give us a call or, if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the shop in person and we will walk you through cake sizing, flavor and design options, and provide you with a custom price quote. Since we are a small shop with a small staff, we do recommend you call ahead when you would like to stop in to ensure we are available.


How do I place an order?

Just give us a call or, if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the shop in person and we will walk you through cake sizing, flavor and design options, and provide you with a custom price quote. We do not take orders online, but our website is a great place to start. You can also email photos of what you have in mind to

How do I book and pay for my specialty cake?

To officially book your cake, we ask you to make an upfront deposit of half of the total cost. This can be done by credit card, debit card, or cash. The remaining balance will be due at the time of pick up.


Will I get to taste my cake?

We do our best to always have our most popular flavors available for purchase at the shop at all times in the form of scrapple cups, cupcakes; however, since we are a from-scratch bakery we may not always have our more unusual flavors available. We now offer a $20 tasting "to-go" box which can be pre-ordered in advance with 24 hours notice if you would like to purchase a sampler of our most popular cakes and fillings.

Do you make sculpted cakes?

Yes! Contact us to let us know what you have in mind and we will let you know if we can engineer it. Please be aware sculpted cakes often need to have a minimum number of servings for the design to work and they are among the most elaborate and expensive of our cakes.

Can you make an adult cake for my bachelorette/bachelor party?

We can do that for you! We may blush a little when taking the order, but we are happy to accommodate your needs. We no longer make cakes with drug content, nor do we work with liquors in our shop, we appreciate your understanding in this matter. 

I just want a simple cake with a simple message. Can you do that?

Of course! We can make traditionally decorated cakes in round, square or rectangular shapes. These are more economical than our elaborate specialty cake, but they are still elegant and delicious. You can order these ahead of time and select the flavor combination you'd like as well as your message. We even have some small cakes already made in the store for a last minute party option.

I missed the Two-week order date. What can I do?

If you've missed the two week order period, please contact us anyway and we will do our best to let you know what your options are as we may still be able to fit you into our schedule. We can occasionally fit in orders if you get in touch with us as soon as possible. We can also recommend some alternatives.


Do you deliver?
In general we are not able to deliver specialty cakes at this time, but we will make sure they are boxed safely for travel and we will assist you to your vehicle when you come to pick  up the cake. Occasionally we can offer delivery for very large specialty cakes if our schedule allows. In this case, there would be an additional delivery fee applied to the order.


What is your policy on Changes, Cancellations, and postponements?

You can change or cancel your order up until 1 week prior for a store credit. Once we get to within 1 week of your order, we can longer take changes nor cancellations, but we  can postpone the order up until 48 hours prior.

Specialty Cake Questions
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